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Gourment Tasting Boxes

Gourmet Tasting Boxes


'Carb Obsession'


What’s a carbohydrate and what’s the big deal about them? The carbohydrates we consume create glucose which in turn is the fuel that our bodies run on. Our bodies can use glucose immediately or keep it reserved in our liver and muscles for when it is needed. In their stored form, carbohydrates are called glycogen. If you want to know where carbs come from, they’re everywhere - fruits, vegetables, breads, pastas, milk, sugar, beans, nuts and grains. This month SilverSpoon is bringing our 'Carb Obsession' Gourmet Tasting Box to your door to energize your kitchen! Shipped on the 10th of the month with FREE SHIPPING. Order now and start the first shipment with March's 'Carb Obsession' Gourmet Tasting Box!

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