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'Green With Envy' Gourmet Tasting Box

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Green is a lucky color in most Western cultures and a green shamrock is the well-known symbol for luck! The 'Green With Envy' Gourmet tasting box is bursting with fun-filled, green-themed gourmet products from our favorite partners. Products you can't just find anywhere. Our Gourmet Tasting Boxes bring you unique, gourmet culinary delights delivered FREE straight to your door!

Our 'Green With Envy' featured products are:

Mina Harissa Moroccan Green Pepper Sauce
SilverSpoon Green & White Leeks
Elki Cilantro Pesto Tapenade
Pine River Mini Mint Moonbeams
SilverSpoon Bay Leaves
Brad's Raw Vampire Killer Kale

*SilverSpoon Recipe Included: Green Dirty Rice - as a side or meal!
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