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Why SilverSpoon?

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The SilverSide of Life

SilverSpoon is where to go for exciting and delicious products from around the country, delivered monthly for FREE right to your door! As a SilverSpoon Member you will have unique access to a variety of gourmet food products from around the country without ever leaving your own kitchen!
Our Gourmet Tasting Boxes are filled with the finest ingredients that are guaranteed for the SilverSide! Your box may have anything from a specialty sauce to an infused oil or maybe gourmet snack food. Every month will have a featured special product that will spice up your kitchen pantry. What you get will be a surprise to you, but you can be assured that it has been taste-tested and SilverSpoon approved!

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Knowledge is Power

Sure, it’s fun to try new products, but what good are they if you don’t know how to use those products in a way that brings out their best qualities? As a Member you will receive delicious recipes and culinary tips to enhance the flavor of every product! SilverSpoon creates an unforgettable culinary experience! Share your SilverSpoon love and knowledge with your friends and family, our us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or upload a SilverSpoon YouTube video of your personal SilverSide experience.

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When you just can’t get enough

We know you are going to love the products that you receive in your gourmet tasting box! When you come across a product that is especially pleasing to your taste buds, no worries, you can find it on SilverSpoon's online storeYou can find any of the products featured in your monthly Gourmet Tasting Box along with some additional SilverSpoon favorites directly from our online store and receive $ilverDollar Rewards every time you make a purchase to use towards future purchasesHappy shopping!