Experience the SilverSide of Life

Become a Preferred Partner

SilverSpoon's overall mission is to create a kitchen EXPERIENCE. We partner with gourmet food companies like you to make this possible!

There are two sides to the Preferred Partnership. You must be willing to participate in both aspects to become a Preferred Partner.

1. We have a monthly 'themed' Gourmet Tasting Box that is shipped to our Members every month. The themes are fun and creative - 'A Taste of Italy', 'South of the Border', 'Chocolate Obsession' and 'Cheese Please!' are some of the past themes, just to name a few. Each Gourmet Tasting Box includes anywhere from 5 - 9 FULL-SIZED gourmet products that we purchase at wholesale from our Preferred Partners, one to two recipes featuring some of the monthly products and a culinary tip product card with a description of each gourmet product along with a handful of creative ways to use the product in addition to the recipe and everyday uses. You, as the Preferred Partner, would be responsible for the shipping of your products to our warehouse.

2. We have an online SilverSpoon store featuring all of our Preferred Partners and some of their products. Members and non-Members can shop on our website. Once we receive an order we notify our Preferred Partner, who then drop ships the item(s) to our Member. The best way to feature your products on our website is in a variety pack.

If you are interested in becoming a SilverSpoon Preferred Partner you will need to send samples of your favorite products as we taste everything before it goes into a Gourmet Tasting Box or is sold online. The next step would be to sign the Preferred Partnership Agreement and then you are officially a part of the 'SilverSide of Life!' It's as easy as that!

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